Try and try and try again

To put it bluntly, I am a shit cook. I am a self professed shit cook. When it comes to cooking I like it to be simple and quick and taste good (I’ll settle for okay).
On my journey to eat healthier in the hopes of also losing weight I’ve been resorting to Pinterest for ideas. I’m normally a snacker. I like eating for the taste but also the process of chewing, crunching, biting. I can never survive a juice or liquid based diet because I would feel so void of life lol. It’s been hard on the Snack front with my diet so I’ve been venturing out of my comfort zone and trying out new (fairly easy) recipes.

Here’s two that I’ve just made:


Black bean fudge


This recipe was very easy and required no cooking or prepping so win win. I followed the instructions completely and tasted the mixture before putting it into the pan to set. Good thing that I did too or else this would have ended up straight in the bin!! Based on the recipe above this “fudge” would have tasted like crap. I’m clearly not far along in my mostly sugar free life style to find this recipe even remotely sweet. I ended up adding 2 tbs of Truvia sweetener to the mix and honestly, it could use more!! If I’m going to use black beans as a base for a sweet I don’t want to taste black beans, I want to taste the sweet. Despite this recipe not being sweet enough I might likely still do it again from time to time possibly. Maybe. With extra sweetness added. I poured/scooped/spooned/smooshed the mixture into a bread pan lined with baking paper and put it in the freezer over night. I cut it up into finger food size portions this morning and then zip lock bagged them and back into the freezer they’ve gone.

Given these only stay good for 3 days (I think that’s what the recipe says) in the fridge and I can’t guarantee they’ll be eaten that quickly I’ll keep them in the freezer. These are very rich tasting due to the cocoa powder so a little goes a long way on the tastebud train. Also as a way to make them taste better because let’s be honest they are not a box of chocolates I spread the surprisingly delicious Smuckers sugar free caramel topping on it and Yum happened.



Okay, so….this recipe tastes much better than the fudge. It’s created by someone else too. So different recipes, different tastes. Once again it could have been sweeter. I am not sure if it’s that I’m still not used to sugar free or if these people have been so long without sugar that their palates for sweetness are lower/ world’s apart??

The thing with this recipe was that it was hard to roll into balls. I mean I followed the instructions properly and when it came to rolling the mixture into balls well, it could be compared to smashing cold thick black diarrhea between your palms. Not such a lovely image but highly accurate.

What I had to do was add 2 tbs of Oatbran to the mix because I was too lazy and far too amateur to try anything else. This helped but didn’t really do much so I ended up spoon blobbing the mixture down onto a baking sheet pan lined with baking powder. I set them in the fridge over night and this morning they were still a bit crappy to pick up so I resorted to delicately rolling them in shredded coconut and then into zip lock bags and into the freezer.

Besides the huge mess this was to get into somewhat balldom I don’t mind this recipe. I am willing to venture into trying out some more. I shall try, try and try again until I get things right.


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